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Saturday, October 09, 2010


wah long time no update alr.
thought i'd post something abt tday,
since it has been an enjoyable day.

tday we went to temasek polytechnic to have a friendly with them, their girls team.
about half of the team went, so we had 2 lines to play.
took a very long time travelling there, and finding the place.
played 5 v 5 style against them, can say we were like training targets for them.
their shots were very quick, and i'm glad we gained more experience playing floorball.
everyone thought it was a fun game.

after that we went to eat dinner tgt, at city square mall,
because we boarded some wrong bus and ended up there.
ate jap food, really nice.
then after that went to buy present.

haha i'm sure what we did tday sounds very normal,
but it's something i cant blog out here that made it special,
and simply enjoyable.
perhaps team bonding,
i guess so.

alright gtg,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

decided to slack for a while before starting to revise for tday.

5G class chalet was fun,
haha it's both weird and amusing to see the other side of people.
should've went for first night because got overnight cycling,
ah oh well, still it was fun,
especially when we go mac watch brazil vs north korea.
imba atmostphere!
the people there were cheering over the goals and misses of both sides.
the first brazil goal by Malcion was pretty superb, ultimate curl.

the next morning woke up at 5 plus i think.
didn't sleep for more than a hour at chalet.
slept on train though,
reached school early with jun kang and saw weiqiang there alr.
3 boy juniors came down. they are good at the first time alr.
did some drills and played match.
felt really tired and hungry.

went to eat pizza hut with teammates after training at jp.
eat lunch tgt with teammates is imba nice feeling.

went home and slept for a while after that.
going to go study now, mid years coming really soon.
looking forward to next training on thurs alr.
gtg, take care and bbye.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


just had sakura buffet for dinner with my family, first uncle and aunt.
Sakura's@Clementi woods interior felt quite old, especially with the yellow lights.
but the food was okay.
didn't particularly favourite any of the dishes there.
usually, i would have smt i enjoy eating the most when i go out to eat, but not tday.

class chalet tmrw.
going on second day and hen attend training on wed morning straight from chalet.
hope I won't be too exhausted to run arnd during training.
heard juniours would be coming, pretty excited.
alright, gtg now.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


it has almost been a month since i've posted anyth.
much has happened during this time, but i'm too lazy to post.
instead i spend my time playing computer games, or restaurant city.
btw pls send me some ingredients if you play rc too.
i need crab, salmon and vanilla.

during this time, the last few weeks of school,
i was busy preparing tests since floorball season ended.
got back my test results by now alr, still okay can improve.

about floorball.
haven't had a proper training with coach since season ended.
i do miss playing floorball, especially with my teammates.
some of us stayed back after the activities during E&C week to play floorball.
those sessions were fun ttm!

E&C week was okay.
didn't sign up for any overseas trip, so i attended leadership and social etiquette courses.
both courses were okay, learnt new things along the way.

it's the holidays finally.
4 weeks of time to catch-up in academic work and rest.
i haven't started any revision, hoping to start early so it won't be so rushed.
attending band concert next week and co concert as an usher lol.

alright, feeling tired.
gtg, enjoy your hols.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


one short post to sum up the week.

ha, it seems so quick.
our season has come to an end.
we won 2 matches, lost 2 matches.
our first floorball a'div season will certainly bring back fond memories,
as well as essential lessons learnt.
gained experience and exposure through the season.
going to train hard for next year's season.

my ankle's a little swollen from the fumble last match.
but its not that bad, at least i can still walk properly.
can't run though, and i wanted to play rugby for pe still.

going out later to eat and attend tuition.
didn't managed much to finish my homework.
did a little math tday and went for guitar lesson.

ytd went for cip at geylang serai cc.
after that we went to valhall, to see sticks.
clement bought a pretty nice stick for a decent price.
i feel so tempted to buy another stick,
cause i dont really use the stick i bought recently.
i feel its short for me and very weird when i dribble or shoot.
but before i can buy another stick, i must sell this one lol.
anyone interested pls tell me hehe.

alright, gtg alr.

Monday, May 03, 2010


thought i'd do a quick post to end off the week.
this week has been rather tiring.
mainly because of the gp test on mon and econs test on fri.
glad it's over anw.

oh yeah, last week rvfbt boys win 2 matches in the a' div.
4-3 win over hci, 5-4 win over nyjc.
haha that feeling of victory, superb!
everything's so different in competition match.
the pressure to play well, the intense running.
gained valuable experience from it too.

went to class dinner on friday at fish and co.
the fish and chips there are nice, but expensive luh for me, lol.

ytd, watched ironman 2!
great show, captivating effects.
yy was right, the villian was k.o-ed so quick.
still an enjoyable movie anyway.

alright, tmrw's match against vjc.
hoping to play our best.
there's chem test next thurs, just before our last group match against yjc.

gtg alr,
take care and bbye.

Friday, April 23, 2010


argh i lost my wallet with my ic in it ytd!
that was the saddest thing that happened all week.
noone reported it back to lost and found yet, and i can't remember when i misplaced it.
lost it after ytd's training and ran back to school to find it.
i was really desperate and ran back but to no avail.
grateful to have yicheng's help for staying with me as i go back to school.
my dad sent us both home later.

had a dream of losing my wallet that night,
woke up with tears in my eyes.
didn't really know why, but sigh maybe i was really too upset that night.
now i finally learn not to take my ic around everywhere,
cause its really troublesome when it's lost.
all my cards missing, damn.
going to be a long weekend ._.

anw, watched our floorball senior girls play at cck in a'div,
with weiqiang, zhaiyang, pengfei and wenxuan,
after a long day at school.
they played well, from my POV, haha,
especially the goalie cherie, she saved quite a lot of crucial shots.
jaslin scored the only goal late in the game and that sealed the deal.

i'm genuinely motivated to play well for a'div aft watching their match.
our first match starts next wed.
i'll miss pw on that day i think.
hope we'll play our best and not get too nervous.
okay, maybe i'm the only few that get nervous for smt like that.
jiayou floorballers!

ah, talking about grades,
ms sab showed us our report slips with our scores for our tests so far.
i failed GP 'spectacularly' and with this results i couldn't get to promote.
hope that wouldn't be the case at the end of the year.
i'm quite disappointed at my results, partly because it's poor,
and also because when i compare my results with my friends i'm lower that them.
but thats normally how a year starts for me, i always seem to struggle at the start,
like 2 years ago, i got a E8 for LA, and i was so terrified i couldn't meet the mark for eoy.
but i managed to pull it up to a B3, much with the teacher's guidance of course.
need to gain momentum now for the academic year ahead.
drop the complacency, start working diligently.
press on!

next week's going to be hectic,
schedule filled with tests and competition.
GP essay test next mon,
training on mon ending late at 8.
first floorball a'div match on wed.
maybe training on thurs.
Econs essay test on fri.
second match on fri.

gtg eat dinner.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


another sunday to savour.
before the hectic week sets in.

didn't do much this weekend.
went home to slack on friday, then finished catching up on tutorial for math.
saturday flew past as i did somemore homework and brushed up my PI.
finally sent my third draft tday, hope i don't have to do much editing next time round.

there's econs essay test on mon, but its the classroom timed one.
i spent ytd afternoon revising, but i'm still quite nervous abt it, its the first time doing essay test.

anw, got back physics test results tday.
improved, but not rly satisfied with it.
shall keep working on.

one more week to a'div!
that means 2 more trainings before season starts.
i bought sf's stick from him, and currently finding potential buyers for my other stick.
the unihoc stick is short for me, so interested parties feel free to contact me.

alright, time for lunch.
gtg, bbye.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


quick update before going to study,
for the physics test on the coming monday.

this week, i was really hoping for the weekends to come,
because i was tired and couldn't quite follow the pace of lessons.
especially after wed and thurs, felt exhausted.
but i found out that sometimes,
when i push myself somemore to complete something (tutorials, read articles, napfa)
i could muscle out some strength and finish the task in the end.
i guess it works like this huh, hard work leads to eventual success.
always, i wonder if i spent less time on playing games, could i have studied more and do better in tests.
then i think of the times (like this, when i'm blogging or playing com games)
why did i even switch on the com instead of flipping open some notes.
i'm too distracted, by the random thoughts in my head,
of the things that happened that day, things that could have happened, and what i could've done instead of doing what i did.

anw, got a gold for napfa.
finally, i think it's the first one in the whole of 5 years since primary school.
i got a silver initially, one pull-up short of getting a gold,
then i retook it and was lucky to complete 6 pull-ups.

oh yeah, this week our floorball team won our first friendly.
we won acjc 5-4.
when pf scored the winner we went crazy.
the win gave us a confidence boost just before the season begins.
our first match is against hci on 28 april.
i think that's when the econs test is.

okay, gtg alr.
i'm having gp tuition tmrw night, hope it can help me in improving my gp.
next week prospects look good,
i feel so optmistic all of a sudden as i think about a new week everytime.
looking forward to trainings more and more now too.
take care, bbye.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


quick update before going offline.
it's been 2 weeks since i've last updated.
much have happened throughout these 2 weeks, but i'm too lazy to type them all out.
plus i've been spending too much time online.

my shoulder's recovering, i think.
after like 2 sessions with chinese physicians.
the first one i went to was much more pain than the one i went to ytd.
i felt much btr after ytd's treatment, although when i move my shoulder to some weird angle, it hurts.

my shoulder has been a big concern because a' div is starting soon.
3 more weeks at most, before it kicks off.
but it didn't give me any problem during thursday's training.
many ppl, including my uncle, told me that these joint injuries if left alone might go away in a short time, but come back and haunt you when you're older, like move a bit when you're older and you're bound to be in pain.
hence the chinese saying, 病从浅中医。seek treatment early.
anw, i'll still do napfa on tuesday and hope can get at least silver.

i've been slacking this long weekend away.
regretting it now, sort of.
i used to think i had lots of time before friday,
but i regret not spending more time on my work now.

went to lan on friday with yy, bryce, wx, zy, caspar and cheesiong.
we played for a while but it was fun altogether.
stayed at home on sat to do some homework.
disappointed at my efficiency,
i spent most of the day drawing graphs for math,
then sometimes picking up my stick to practise ball handling.
also spent long time reading newspaper and playing com.
then in the night i watched 'i not stupid2' till late on tv.
in the end only finished math hw.

physics test 2 weeks away, i think.
i need more discipline, instead of contemplating about how time passes so quickly.
4 trainings to a' div, coach's going to announce team soon.

gtg finish up my hw.
take care and bbye.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


term 2 starts tmrw!
one week of march hols past too fast.
i'm more or less done with the hols hw,
left some tutorial and assignment questions undone, too lazy to finish doing.

haven't watched a single movie this year yet, if i remembered correctly.
i wanted to, especially during the hols, but couldn't find the chance to.
'green zone' is on the top of my want-to-watch-movie list now.
it looks real interesting.

spent most of my march hols playing games on PC and doing hw.
went for training on wed and thurs.
played a friendly match with nyjc, they were good.
many injuries were inflicted on our team, i had a cramp and my ankle's a little pain.
perhaps it was the heavy lunch we had at subway, or the extra rounds we ran.
i lost steam after playing for a while.
but all in all, it was great exposure and experience.
have yet to get a feel on my floorball stick, haven't got the right technique to use the flex of the stick.
celebrated wenxuan's and supposedly yujun's bday, but yujun not there.
anw, happy belated bday to them.

ytd, went to nus for a floorball friendly called 'nus tenses'.
the organizers at nus wanted us to feel the culture of floorball at nus and hopefully join them in the future.
but there were only 5 of us who came that morning.
it was super tiring playing full 20 mins with no subs.
we played nj and they beat us 1-0.
then we received help from our facilitator, which happened to be my former psl's brother.
he asked 4 more ppl to play for us, so we had line changes this time.
but we were up against the nus alumni team.
they were really good and beat us.
learnt quite a lot that day.
had lunch at nus canteen, the food there big serving and cheap.
super value!

aft that went with class to catch a performance 'to kill a mockingbird' at the nlb.
it's the first, or maybe a long time, since i went to watch a play.
the show was captivating, as i could still remember the song they sang abt freedom now.
it's so different watching a play live, then watching it on tv.
the sound effects were "boom boom pow" cause we were seated near the front.
not that it was too loud, but i could feel the speakers and felt scared as if it would suddenly emit some great loud sound to scare us.
i understood the storyline, but couldn't really catch every word in their dialogue.
(there weren't subtitles, told you it was different from the tv)
they talked quite fast though or is i'm too slow to catch the words.
the female actor was quite pretty also.
anw, enjoyed the performance as it was a great experience altogether.
ate dinner with class at pomo. jap food, ate it the wrong way though
i didn't mix the sauce with the chicken and it turned out too salty in the end.

tday went shopping with family.
it was pouring as usual in the late afternoon.
bought new shoes. the sole of my old one tore.
ate a hearty dinner near queensway.
the bbq stingray there was rly nice.

school starts tmrw.
so does napha (gulp) and floorball a'div season (cheer!)
hope everything goes well for everybody in term 2.
have some serious catching up to do for GP and econs in this new term.

alright, gtg.
take care and sweet dreams.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


its the end of another week,
the end of term one alr.
how time flies.

it was raining outside just now,
pouring heavy rain.
but now the rain has stopped, the weather's nice and cool now.
perfect time to do some self-reflection on this term.

i remember being motivated to do well at the start of the term.
constantly pushing myself to finish the tutorials and assignments.
haha, must say i did spend some time in the library doing homework,
while i was waiting for floorball training to begin.
i had some difficulty learning new stuff this year.
like for chemistry and math.
but with the help i sought from my classmates, i did understand them in the end.
i'm one slow learner and i always compared myself with ppl are fast learners,
maybe i lost some confidence in myself there, i was worried that i couldn't keep up with the lessons and stuff.
nevertheless i still enjoyed understanding things, which were taught in school, at home by myself.
i enjoyed figuring out how certain equations were derived and solving tutorial questions at home.
but i found myself pressed for time mostly, with training and homework.
studied hard for tests, and found that tests contained new styles of questions.
my grades weren't very good this term too, i did very badly for GP.
so much to improve on next term.
more time management, spend more time practising questions and reading.
especially on reading more articles to improve GP.
now i begin to understand what mr tan meant last year by "year 5 really cannot slack."

wow, that was one long reflection.
but i really meant what i typed.
alright talk about smt else,
we're going to have a friendly against NYJC this wednesday afternoon.
haven't won any friendly matches yet.
but i've certainly gained more experience from these matches and learnt new things too.
for the past trainings from the start of the term, coach has been teaching us new drills and strategies.
i guess i learn something new every training.
i know roughly how good or poor my stamina is, what are my weaknesses and strengths at trainings.
and every training has been fun too, i really enjoy playing floorball.

bought a new floorball stick ytd too!
went to valhall with junmin and pengfei.
junmin bought the same stick as yongzhi, while pengfei was kind enough to accompany us.
our sticks are from unihoc, and i had to decide very long ytd between the stick i bought and jm's stick.
when the 2 sticks look equally inviting, its very difficult to make a choice.
jm's stick had a striking colour which was nice. and it felt light too.
but in the end i chose another one which i thought was more suitable for me.
my stick is unihoc evo3 tws 26-29.
it is curly on one side, which gives it supposedly harder flex for harder shots,
while the other side was of a softer flex.
i haven't tried out the shots yet.
hope this is the stick which would stay with me till after next year's season close.

alright, gtg.


Sunday, February 28, 2010


it's sunday again!
the week has passed so fast indeed.
just 7 days ago i was here posting about studying for math test and cny.
i think i'll update every week if possible.

had math test on friday.
i didn't know how to do q4b, and my q4a the answer different from other people.
at first after the test i was super elated that it was over,
but when i listen to other ppl compare their answers, i couldn't feel happy anymore, lol.
somemore this test takes up 10 percent.
sigh, but we learn from our mistakes, right.

anw, went to jp to eat with my class ppl after that.
yikai wanted to eat smt 'high class' so we went to carl's jr.
the food's nice when you're hungry,
but i couldn't finish my fries because an hour before that i just ate during break.
our break on fri is really late, so if i don't eat during that break i'll be rly hungry.
but if i eat during the break, then later when we go lunch can't eat much.
anw i like the jalapeno peppers at carl's jr.
its super nice when you eat it with your burger.

after that we met junmin and went to yicheng's house to play xbox.
it was a really random decision, cause junmin came then i suggest we go play xbox because we're talking about it.
lol, anw, had fun playing halo3 and nba and fifa.
always in nba i lose to junmin in the last quarter.
his kobe bryant kept draining 3's, while i only can go in and dunk.
went home aft that.

next week's perspective,
there's physics, chem and econs test.
loads to study for, first time taking econs test too.
also, the highlight next week must be the floorball training, camp and compt!
we've calculated,
that if we have training on wed and thurs, overnight camp on fri and sat, and a competition organised by my coach's club on sunday,
we're going to play floorball 5 days out of the 7 days in the week.
floorball crazy haha.
we're going to have a friendly match during the overnight camp with a poly i think.
coach said we must play with other teams of a higher level.
poly floorball is really scary, they are all quite pro.
and the compt on sunday!
it's called 'faceoff!'
its another 3v3 competition. 3 teams going for it from our school.
we're playing under 21 category, going to be tough.

having training late on wed and thurs is really tiring.
we reach home v late, and everytime after that,
i can't really concentrate for long, keep feeling sleepy.
oh ya, that reminds me.
i broke my stick on wednesday.
my $100 stick ._.
okay, at least i can still keep the blade that costs $40,
but my stick which i only used for 4 months plus, snapped in an instant.
actually i hit junmin's knee because i wasn't looking where his knee was,
and i wanted to do a drag pass to yongzhi, then i heard 'piak' and my stick suddenly feels very light.
my first stick: lasted only 4 months plus.
was really stunned and disappointed that night.
but lucky for me, szefan lent me his stick which was my preferred length 100cm.
i fixed my blade on his stick, i think i'll get a stick soon and return it back to him.
coach showed us some rly nice sticks, cause yujie and junmin also want to buy,
the designs are really cool.
i think i'll get an average stick with a nice design, hopefully it won't cost much.

alright, gtg.
take care and bbye.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

quick post before going to study for math test.

haven't posted in a week!
sorry for lack of updates but there's so much to do, i just didn't on the com.

chinese new year was last week right.
ate a lot at the reunion dinner.
it was at a restaurant which served international buffet.
there was so many ppl there taking their food, but we still got to eat what we wanted.
hehe, i like the variety of food they provide in the buffet.
the choco cakes were not bad too.
after that our relatives and us went to bowling.
my 2nd uncle gave out prizes for the top 3 bowlers, and i was v lucky to get the third prize lo.

on the first day of lunar new year.
we went to 1st uncle's house for a gathering.
watch tv, eat etc.
received lots of red packets too.

the second day of lunar new year.
went to 2nd aunt's house to visit her and her family.
every year she cooks soup for us to drink, it was the same story this year.
she lives in pungool so it was kinda nice to go visit and see new things i don't usually get to see.
there were loads of chinese new year goodies there too.
snacks, bak kwa etc.

third year of lunar new year.
went to 2nd uncle's house for gathering as well.
ate more delicious food, pineapple tarts, chocolates, bak kwa etc.
must have gained much weight over these 3 days of lunar new year.

it was nice seeing all my relatives, uncles, aunties, cousins.
i still feel the mood, the festive mood that is always present in these festivals.
but every chinese new year just feels different for me.
maybe because when i was small i didn't have to care about so many things,
like homework, tests, and i didn't have this much trouble on my mind then.
nobody rly cared if you made a mistake last time.
but it seems that now, every mistake counts and i can't afford to make any alr.
ar, no more emo talk for now.

this week's been quite short!
especially because the first 2 days of the week are long days which end late.
i was very glad we had both our floorball training this week.
i realise i feel more tired after wed's training compared to thurs's training.
maybe because i haven't exercised in the before wed so feel more tired after training.
i can't do drag shots really well, and my shot accuracy is rly low.
i realise i always lose the ball when i have possession, and i handle v little of the ball.
and i haven't been scoring these past trainings.
there's still a lot for me to improve on for floorball.
i wonder if coach notices my poor performance and cuts me out of the team.
or maybe i'm just speculating too much.

haven't played bball or soccer in a long time alr!
i spent much of my time after school either going for floorball or i go home straight to do homework.
it feels so different from last year.
hehe, i remember tunren and i were talking about what we're going to do after a level's
i suggested we buy all the video games and play them everyday.
tunren said we shld get a job as a part time teacher or smt.
all i can do now is to study hard and at the same time play floorball well.
dull life right, lol.

anw, gtg alr.
take care, bbye.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


feeling kind of tired,
so i decided to come and post a short bit for a while.

all i can remember about tday is the friendly against njc.
they beat us 11-9, coach said we played well and need to improve more.
i scored 2, i thought it was more luck than skill.
and i was tired throughout the match.
i was constantly losing the ball because i use one hand to hold the stick
coach said one-hand handling was stupid because it is very easy to steal balls from these players.
which was very very true.
tmrw training i glue both hands to stick.
coach's going to cut players tmrw, wah super scary ._.
she say aft cutting 3 more players then she cutting another 2 more.
pressurized to do well tmrw.

anw, gtg.

Monday, February 08, 2010


i realise i post more often at the start of the week.
i always have this feeling that i have a lot of free time on mondays,
and i can afford to spend it slowly doing homework,
and finding time to use the computer,
just no urgency at all.
but when wednesday comes, and i reach home later than usual,
i start to feel rushed like i've got too much homework to do in too little time.
that's just what i feel.

last weekend was a fun one.
friday, went with zhaiyang to watch APAC floorball qualifying matches.
jaslin and some of my other seniors also went.
i thought the Australia vs Singapore match was the most exciting one.
the score was 8-4, Singapore won.
the international players used sticks that we use now to play one, so its not the stick that changes the play, its the player.
Singapore's player of the match was a defender too, and jaslin said he was in poly only.
pro ttm.
saturday, went again with clement, weiqiang, yujie, pengfei, wenxuan, junming to watch Japan vs Singapore.
it was okay, but i felt it was rather dull in comparison to friday's match.
our seniors went to take photos with the players aft the match.
hehe, can see the players more willing to take photos with girls.
sunday, went to buy shirt for new year.
lots of shirts looked pretty cool, but didn't buy them all.
there were loads of chinese new year snacks and goodies.
nuts, biscuits, sweets, chips.
one reason why i like chinese new year: the eating part.

tday's lessons were okay.
ntn much happened like usual, i'm still trying to understand things that i dont at home in class.
always trying to catch up.

we have a friendly match this wednesday yay! :D
rv against njc.
my personal goal for this match is not to be nervous, and play properly with strategy.
i think team goal should be to win bah, lol.

anw, gtg.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

short post before i go do some more homework.

bent some more of my blade today.
some ppl say their blades will curl back after one day.
my bent back a bit, so it was a little hard to do airhook tday.
hence, i bent it tday again and made a video of me airhooking!
my sis help me to take it.
hehe and i used the half-ball weiqiang lent me to do airhook too.
its easier to do airhook with half a floorball, it feels lighter.

tmrw coach not coming for training.
which means mrs chan taking us for PT.
lol equals gg.
but we bringing stick to play aft PT, hopefully got time to play a match.

i was sleepy the whole day tday.
the tchr even caught me sleeping in her lesson.
have undone tutorials to do, recently.
after i failed to clear my homework off last week.
now i'm trying to catch up again.
luckily tmrw is wed, which is a slack day,
so little lessons, and tmrw my gp tutor not coming.
but always have GP work to be handed in despite her absence.

okay, gtg.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


feeling high just thinking about floorball! ;D
loads to post about this 'floorball' weekend.

i went for the 3 v 3 floorball competition,
it was Singapore's first 30-hour floorball event.
2 teams of 6 went for it.
i was in team '6nangas' with clement, yongzhi, weiqiang, jiahao and yujie.
the other team, 'pigsmightfly' consists of junmin, cheesiong, junkang, zhaiyang, yijun and qizhang.
we arrived there at 1 plus and it was alr junmin team's turn to play.
the floorball court was a little smaller than our school court i think and it's air-conditioned, ftw!
the goals were a little smaller because there was no keeper.
junmin's team gave a good fight though.
our match was one match after theirs.
i was a little nervous when i stepped on court.
we did our best for that game but lost 2-3 in the end.
hehe as the teams played the remaining matches,
we learnt more abt defending, especially against free hits.
learnt about tricks they use in a 'face-off' and how to look for space.
we were getting better and better after each game and all of us were having fun.
qizhang is pro at floorball lor! he use one hand shoot really very powerful.

we also made new friends, with the other teams in our group.
we also went to ask those ppl who know how to airhook there for tips.
hehe, they were really friendly and taught us loads about airhooking.
anw, airhook is also known as' zorro' or 'freestyle floorball',
where the blade leaves the ground and the ball follows blade.
in the previous video where the floorball curled, there was airhooking involved somewhere in the video too.
cool stuff airhooking.
i can do back and forth one time now! hehe. ;D

aft the event we stayed up to 11.20 before going to mrt and board last train to yujie's house stayover.
we didn't make much noise i think, but yujie's mum was very nice to us.
we tried to bend our blade by boiling hot water and immersing our baldes into it to make it soft,
so that we can reshape it with ball.
that's what our new made friendsl at the event told us to do.
it made the blade a bit curved but we still couldn't airhook yet.
junkang went home and webcam us, he can do a bit of airhook then haha.
super cool!
some of us slept while others used the com and did homework.
i tried to do chem, but only managed to do one or 2 qs before i slept on yujie's massage chair.
clement didn't sleep the whole night! and he was still high in the morning lol.
went to eat roti prata for breakfast, the pratas there were nice.
aft that we went home and talked more about mugging airhooking.

i went home and bent my blade a little bit more until i thought it was good enough.
i measured it was about 3 cm curled.
hope its not illegal, cause 3 cm curled is the limit in competitions.
then i tried some tricks and airhooking like the salming video with one hand.
so far the best i can do is once back and forth.

haha, i'm like so obsessed with floorball!
but i think everyone else who went for the event is too. lol.
all mug floorball (Y)
anw, still must keep up with studies cause they still rank before anything else for me.
except now i'm a bit high about floorball so lol, wait for this feeling to go away and i'll mug hard in studies.

bought a converse backpack finally!
hehe, after much consideration, since got discount my mum decide to buy for me lor.
bought converse socks too.
every bag i bought for the last 4 years have been converse leh.
srsly converse ftw.

alright, gtg.
good night and bye.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


just got back from school.
tday's a packed day yeah, i'm glad it wasn't that tiring.
i've got loads of homework,
still have to do presentation for GP next week.
but luckily the deadlines quite reasonable.

ar my hair cut till not nice.
i never see clearly when the barber help me cut.
next time i just shave all short lol.

school was okay.
pe was not very fun though.
ran and did pull up.
junkang say i never straighten my hand when i do pull-up.
i never noticed it till now.
still anxious about doing napha ._.

oh yeah, there's this 3v3 floorball compt on this saturday.
i dk they allow me and yongzhi in, cause its U17 div, and don't know if they let 17 play.
lol, hope so.
most of the floorball team sign up for it i think.
hehe, must confirm with clement on the details.

tmrw's our friendly match! :D
we're playing with AES i think, at our school.
hehe, heard they quite good.
hope they not as imba as the people from nus, lol.

okay, gtg do homework.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i'm so glad a long week is almost over,
and another week is about to begin.

i spent most of this week doing homework and revising stuff.
didn't study till very late though.
besides studying, i found very little time to use the computer.
in school, most of the breaks were used to complete tutorials and other homework.
after school, i just headed home to study.

life's really dull for me.
the only things i look forward to all week are the floorball trainings and the weekend.
wed and thurs had training.
at first i didn't believe she was secretly selecting the team alr,
but she announced aft thurs training that she picked the team alr.
she said she's going to bring 16 ppl to the compt only.
she didn't tell us who she picked yet, she say she'll tell us next training.
i still enjoy floorball, more than i would expect to.
it's the only time i get to play and run arnd.
haven't had the chance to play bball on the courts aft school or during breaks yet.
so its really the only time i get to enjoy running arnd.

as for passing napha (getting gold is passing)
i have my doubts.
i could only pull 3 times on the bar, that's another 3 more to get gold.
and i feel more fatigued running on the track than before.
i'm getting fat ._.

gtg, bye.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


tday's my birthday haha.
must thank everyone who wished me 'happy bday' in school tday.
thank you very much, my teammates.
hehe your presents are the best,
especially the cake and the lamp, super cute.
its like the only presents i received,
i really appreciate it very much :D
nvr celebrate at home too,
so tday's like any other day, except got ppl saying happy bday to you.
but still feel happy :D

still no voice tday lo, really scked.
and i found out tday that yikai in my class has the same bday as me too!
super cool luh, i found another person with the same bday as me :D
tday is the first official school.
considered a quite slack day one thursday for our class.
the breaks long and we dismissed at 3.
but super tired lo aft the lesson, got headache.
got to know our physics, chem and math teachers.
and a bit about tutorial and lecture system.
super weird like one day have phy tutorial and phy lecture.
not used to it yet leh.
but i want to really study hard this year and get good grades.
and get into floorball team at the same time.
that's quite a lot to juggle at the same time.

i couldn't catch the things thought at the chem lecture lol.
its a weird feeling: like i've seen it before but i just can't do it.
in math tutorial also.
the review ws i see alr head start to pain.
lucky got leslie and benjamin help ar.
aft school went home with tunren and yicheng.
slept on the bus and then again at home.

wah have hw alr, for this weekend.
hope can finish lol.

alright, gtg.
thank you again for all the well wishes.
goodnight and bye.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


feeling tired as usual,
with a little runny nose and some occasional coughing.
but not as bad as i had expected it to be.
i thought it would be like so much worse after floorball training tday.
and my voice!
felix says its like low and sexy ._.
but being voiceless really scks.
can't do much talking, can't tell ppl wad you want to.
lol, its like tday i got so much to say but i can't say it.
ytd for the orientation also, hehe i wanted to scream one.
not like everyday i have this much to say, but when i want to, i've no voice.

anw, orientation was okay for the past 3 days.
really must thank gu yue, 5G class facil for tolerating our jokes.
hehe, everytime we don't listen to him or follow him, he just smile and ask us follow nicely.
and he's quite enthu, which is a good thing lol.
i got to know more ppl from my class.
like zhichong, chengli, chongyan, leslie.
still have 2 years to know them btr.

oh, got timetable tday.
haha, our timetable is cool.
monday PW 5pm dismiss, tues and thurs 3pm, wed 2pm and friday 2.20pm dismiss.
quite early lol.
but now have floorball training 3 times a week, and got some training from 6-8pm one.
super late, so still have to wait till training over in school.
or if can go feifei's house best, lol.
my form teacher is mr john tan, he tell us in year 5 no such thing as break.
must use the free period lol.
cool, can like study and eat at the same time.

alright, gtg.
goodnight and byes.

Monday, January 11, 2010


i'm feeling a little coughy and blocked nose.
hope it gets better before wed training.
throat's all itchy, if train like this sure very sad and difficult.

tday's the first day of school.
lol, went to the canteen in the morning, hoping to find some familiar people i know.
yeah, saw junming, yinshan, pengfei, bryce, yongyu they all.
played ice-breaker games tday.
i thought wacko was the most effective game luh.
the other's really dont need to know each other the name.

being in a new class, made me treasure the past classes i had more than before.
that's not saying i don't like my class luh,
it's just this feeling i have everytime i am put in a new class.
last time 3a that time also same feeling.
but, when i know more ppl from my class better then that feeling will disappear.
typical of me to blog abt some of my weird feelings, haha.
cornstarch is cool. instant wash-off with water.

anw, got back my o'level chinese result.
hehe, pretty happy with it.
not gloating or anything, i'm a pretty humble boy leh.
(smiles and think he hears audible coughs at the back behind him)
hard work and effort pays off alright.
also HSK result, hehe.
yeah manzxc, even though almost fail oral.

aft school went to buy present for yongzhi.
haha, it was super hilarious.
we were like saying "eh yongzhi, later we going daiso leh".
but he obviously knows that we wouldn't luh LOL.
be lucky you have such nice teammates haha, jkjk.
hehe, badminton teammates rock big time.
known yongzhi for 4 years alr,
hehe a really cool guy, super funny, growing really fast now, nice long hair which he touches on every occasion he can, pro badminton player, pro floorball player too.
still have much to describe yongzhi one, too much to write everything out luh.

hehe, saw jiajun they all playing ball in the new courts.
new to me luh.
they play bball super smooth, the ball movement zoomzoom,
even though they're just playing for fun.
i was like telling clement, if we could play floorball like this how good it would be.

anw, gtg alr.
goodnight, bye.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

this is my 500th post of the blog.
hehe, have been waiting very long to hit half a thousand posts.
finally, actually that isn't a lot when i've started this blog for quite a long time.

anw, finished my gp tday at long last.
don't know if i did it the right way, but i tried my best yeah.

tday's the last day of the hols.
2 months have passed since school ended.
2 months of joy, boredom,
spent going out with friends, going for chalets, having floorball training, going to the gym,
sleepover at yongjie's house for new year countdown, playing computer games, rarely touching schoolwork.
doing what i want, really.

but all good things come to an end, they say.
school starts tmrw.
high time to get ready for studying again.
i've set goals for this year, hehe.
firstly, do well in my studies, get straight As yeah.
i really hope i can cope with GP and Econs.
secondly, get into the floorball school team.
that's like my biggest wish now.
get gold for napha test, and improve on my floorball skills, especially my shooting and passing.
getting gold for napha is the key to getting into the team now i think.
but i still cant do 6 pull-ups for gold leh.
argh, been going to gym and doing push-up sometimes.
and i've gained weight lol. looks like i'm going to be tortured in pe to train on pull-ups.
hence, i think 6 pull-ups will be one of my goals i'll try and achieve.
anw thirdly, be more friendly and be less rude at times.
i 'tao' ppl all the time i think, need to start saying 'hi' to more ppl lol.
fourth, learn to play the guitar.
looks like i've set too many goals for myself in the end ._.
hope i can achieve them at the end of the year.

oh, we had our floorball team talk on wednesday this week during training.
napha gold was a major criteria in getting into school team.
that's why i'm so worried these days abot doing pull-ups.
always imagining myself on the pull-up bar, trying so hard but failing to pull myself over the bar.
a horrible thought that makes me shiver everytime i think about it.
the coach also added that there would be 3 trainings every week.
by the end of the third training every week, she would eliminate some ppl out of the team.
she said she's going to "take what she needs" from the team.
she says a team needs 2 goalies, 2 lines of 2 forwards, 2 lines of 2 defenders. plus a reserve for each line. that's only 12 ppl. she said she's taking 18 ppl max.
so pressure luh. that's like almost half the team gone if she takes 13 or 14.

floorball's a bit like ice hockey.
on the court at all time should be a team consisting of a goalie,
plus 4 other players which consists of 2 defenders and 2 forwards.
so the 4 players are like what we call a line of players.
e.g. first line of players, second line of players and so on.
so she needs at least 2 lines of players in the team.
there are 3 quarters in the game, each quarter consisting of 15 mins.
any line of players can sub for one another at anytime where play is stopped.
anw, there will be a reserve that can either play defender or forward in each line.
wow, i've just typed out so much about floorball.
anw, the main point is that the team's going to be small with little slots,
so we all have to train hard in order not to be eliminated by the coach.
again, i think of myself being eliminated for playing badly at the third training of the week.
"eh you tall one, you're out, you don't have to attend training anymore." coach would say.
"alright, coach." i would reply. *then breaks stick into half*
haha. (shudders at thought)

anw, went for 2k chalet 6-8 jan.
fun as usual, learnt to play mahjong. LOL.
played mahjong for almost the whole of first night luh. slept 3 hours i think.
then second night didn't sleep at all. lol played mahjong and cards too.
had bbq at second day. the food good.
no dvd player ftl (for the lose ._.)
aranda's so big luh, so much space to roam arnd hehe.
then set off for home at 7 plus on third day.
went to school straight aft collecting my stick and shoes for floorball self-practice.
hehe, i slept a while on the bus, i realise that if i don't close my eyes, i wouldn't feel sleepy.
at least the session there was fun. we played matches and took shots.
hehe, figured out a cool shot that i can use in front of goal. using the tip of foreblade to chip ball.
lol, but the shot no power one.

tmrw, going to get o'level result for higher chinese.
a little anxious, but to think of it, nothing could change the grade now.

also, have a birthday shoutout for rebecca peh here.
Happy Birthday, rebecca.
really hope that all your wishes will come true yet again, and that you will continue to stay cheerful everyday.
hehe, i've known you for 9 years now.

alright, gtg alr.
have a good year ahead everyone.
goodnight and bye.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


decided to stop doing gp for tday.
actually never really do much about gp tday.
woke up having stomachache.
it's terrible luh waking up in pain.
waking up with a cramp or a sprain, damn uncomfortable.

ytd was much more fun then tday.
had training in school hall, indoor sports hall which is at the back of the hall.
it's seperated from the normal hall by divider so its a real nice place to practise in.
and there's the boards marking the boundary of the floorball court.
now can make board passes.
arr but i scked at training, i brought my old badminton shoes to training.
the soles of it were like ripped off halfway, can't even run properly lol.
i must remember to bring the correct pair tmrw.
coach put me to play defender ytd too.
being a defender is less tiring i feel, or maybe it's just me slacking at the back.
i was not confident about my passes, which caused some error in my passing.
and my shots sck big time too.
going to train harder tmrw, because it's a new day~

anw, aft that went out with some 4a guys to safra again, to play pool.
lucky ytd weekday, not so ex.
woo pool rocks my socks off, its so fun!
then ate mac for dinner.
i've been eating fast food much this few days,
wonder if i've gained any weight at all during this hols.

tday did some gp like i've said.
watch videos + do gp + play dota.
lol, ultimate slack enjoyment& homework.
practised guitar in the morning as well.
i'm learning Take it easy by The Eagles as my first song.
then wenxuan also recommended me to Wake me up when September ends by Green Day.
acoustic style, rearranged by a guy on youtube.
need more practise yeah.

tmrw there's training in the morning.
and aft that have 2k chalet.
hope won't be too tired aft chalet, so i can finish up my gp.

alright, gtg.
good night and bye.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


it's sunday nearing the starting of school.
in a week to be exact.
my sis starting school tmrw hehe,
but i have to attend training in the morning also.

ntn much tday.
woke up late at 11 in the morning.
skipped breakfast and ate lunch at jurong east there the food court.
walked arnd, was feeling tired and grumpy.
lol, tired linked with grumpy which also linked with hungry.
anw, went to jp buy smt and see stuff.
went to converse to see the bag i wanted to buy.
but, i didn't cause on closer look the bag wasn't the one i wanted.
like the designs weren't the one i liked.
and it is a little expensive luh.

anw, hope training isn't as long as last time's.
then hopefully i won't have muscle aches again.
i'm going to do my stretches before training now.

gtg alr,

Saturday, January 02, 2010


feeling kind of mixed up right now,
probably because aft seeing class list for this year.

anw, tday i went to school for the rv bigwalk event.
to officially open school or smt.
lol, saw the new prinicipal give a speech.
and that ledge near surrounding the inside of the track made me trip.
lol, pf and i were observing if any more other ppl tripped over that ledge,
but no, didn't find any.

afterwards went to eat at jp.
ate chicken feet noodles at lailai kitchen.
i like eating chicken feet lol.
shared another plate of chicken feet later with yujun and pf.
went home then came out again to play pool at safra.
fun as usual, i cant spin the ball yet lol.
saw from some videos the pros spin pool ball damn cool.
anw, ate dinner with wx and bryce at subway.

went home played dota and the class list came out.
wah, i'm in 5G.
quite sad because no other boys from 4a come 5g lol.
but there's tunren and yinshan in 5g hehe.
got floorballers too, and i know some other ppl from 5g.
it feels a little weird now that i know who's in 5g lo,
a little nervous cause i dk how we gg to get along tgt.
it's a bit like in sec 3 too lol.
really hope the last 2 years in rv with 5g gg to be good.

anw, gtg alr.

Friday, January 01, 2010


it's 2010 alr!
another year has just started.
loads of things to wish for, improve on, learn.
let me blog a bit about new year's eve.

ytd was the first time i did smt different to celebrate the new year.
usually i celebrate new year by watching tv at home.
watching the countdown and the fireworks.
but for this year, the celebrations was a bit more special than usual.

in the afternoon i went with 4a ppl to plaza sing to watch a movie.
we ate at acia at dhoby ghaut, free flow of drinks and ice-cream, ftw.
then we went to watch sherlock holmes.
it was a nice movie, i liked the audio of the movie.
lol, go and watch it and you'll know what i mean.
its the background music of the movie, catchy tune.
but we were seated second row and we had to strain our necks to watch luh.
aft the movie had headache lol.

went home to get laptop and clothes.
the journey quite long from dhoby to cck to farrer park.
then i went to yongjie's house to celebrate the new year.
badminton ppl went: yongzhi, brian, clement.
we had a sleepover at yj's house.
i reached at about 9pm on eve and we went to eat kfc for dinner.
laughed abt stuff on the way as usual.
yongjie's parents treated us with great hospitality,
they kept offering us food and drinks.
we set up the laptop and took turns play dota with pubs.
brian brought his psp too, yongzhi and i took turns playing nba2k10.
then near 12 am we went to watch the countdown on tv.
although its still watching the countdown on tv, but the ppl arnd me are different this time.
the usual countdown: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, happy new year!
2010 came in a blink of an eye.
the fireworks was nice, but we went off aft like 10 mins of tv.
yongjie took out his monopoly game later and we played monopoly.
i didn't have any luck in the game, lol.
yongzhi and brian were like owning ppl with their hotels.
then yongjie was desperately negotiating with yz abt trading properties,
but brian was like' no luh dont listen to him, our property will sck his money dry.'
played cards and more dota then went out watch movie on tv.
it was alrdy 5, i couldn't believe how fast time passed while we played all those stuff.
but i couldn't open my eyes anymore when watching 'my girlfriend is an agent',
yongzhi too, so we went to sleep.

woke up 3 hours later, it was 10 luh.
ate breakfast and went to play pool cause yj booked it alr.
aft that we had lunch and went home.
i ate dinner with my family later.
so that's how i spent my new year this year.
as in how i celebrated my new year.
hehe, we shld do sleepovers more often, super fun.

alright, i'm beat.
good night and bye.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


woo, had lots of fun tday.
badminton outing ftw :D

we met at mac in the morning.
fillet-o-fish packaging change again lol.
then we took a bus to bukit timah there,
played lan for 3 hours lol.
fun stuff, wenxuan came to join us too.
then we went to bukit timah the food court to eat our lunch.
hehe, we went to find the chicken rice stall that we went to the previous time,
because last time we go then the uncle gave us additional rice for free, and the serving big also.
couldn't find it so we went another chicken rice stall.
hehe, this stall the chicken rice also big serving and additional rice free lol.
the stall uncle and auntie very nice too, give us free plate of char siew.
next time shld go there eat more often if got chance.

then we went to jw's house there play basketball.
i think it was near the bukit gombak cc.
yongyu, brian, clement, junwei, yongzhi, yongjie, wenxuan and i played there for a while.
afterwards, yongyu and brian went off and the rest of us went pool at jw's house.
wah, didn't know wenxuan so pro at pool until now.
and yongzhi, as hiong as ever, concentrating much before taking every shot.

we went home aft that.
lol, last time we see each other as badminton teammates for this year.
i'm sure hope there would be much more of this outings next year.

there's floorball training tmrw.
not in the hall though, lol.
anw, i've to take the big walk shirt too, tmrw last day to take.
lol, and i'm gg back fmps play badminton with my pri pe teacher, who is the vp now.
haven't played badminton in a really long while though.

okay, gtg.
need to wake up early tmrw.
good night and bbye.

Monday, December 28, 2009


haven't exercised in a really long time.
feeling really tired from the friendly.

tday, we had our friendly and we thought we were up against nus girls.
but we vs nus boys instead.
the back of their jersey wrote kent ridge,
but they were older than us.
most of them were pro, they passed accurately and they ran so fast on the slippery surface.
their ball movement was awesome.
their defending was just as good.
there's this guy on their team who can zorro (airhook), like wth.
damn zai, he spin ball in midair then he made a pass behind him.
their shooting from long range was imba too.
lucky most of their shots missed by a bit, lol or else we concede a lot more.
the score was 1-6 i heard clem say, lol noone really counting.
then there was the girls match.
nus girls quite pretty leh, lol.

learnt quite a lot from the match,
like defending need to go closer and put stick down to increase surface blocked,
free hit cannot drag pass,
defenders cant step into small blue box where keeper is.
wah loads of running up and dwn,
in the end damn tired.
one period 15 mins, there was 3 periods altogether,
so the girls played their first period first, then we played ours.
haha, when whistle blow anytime also can change players.
throughout the game i didn't really dribble the ball much.
also never take any shots at all.
the only chance when i was really near the keeper was the one i scored in, hehe.
really lucky when the oppo team keeper didn't catch the floorball properly,
i just go there move my stick a bit only lol.
anyway, i hope i still can improve and play better floorball next time.

aft the game went home with my teammates.
lol we walked out of nus to the expressway,
we didn't know the way to the bus stop.
walked a long way to take 198 to boon lay.
woo the air-con bus terminal is already in operation when we alighted.
it was cold on the bus, and cold somemore in the bus terminal.
still having slight flu btw, i don't remember any easy remedies to stop flu.
only read before garlic can prevent flu, vit C good for recovery.

anyway, gtg.
good night and bye.

tmrw badminton ppl going to have badminton outing! :D
alright manzxc, last outing of the year as year 4s.
you know what we do when we have an outing by now right.
lan, lan and more lan, hehe.
actually not all lan this time, we're going to pool or maybe go movie lol.
haha, we're going to have a really fun time together i hope.
as time passes its going to be harder and harder to have outings like these.
it goes the same for all outings,
i cant really imagine us some years forward doing the same thing as often as now.
anyway, whoever sang 'live like we're dying' was right on.

alright, gtg alr.



woohoo having friendly tmrw,
or rather tday since its past 12 am.
yay, looking forward to it.

went out tday with family.
went arnd looking for new specs lol,
chose one in the end that i liked.
my sis also chose one since hers quite old alr.
i went for the eye checking thing and found out,
i'm only 100 degrees off perfect eyesight.
so it didn't really increase more than i thought it did.

i was feeling lethargic tday actually.
most of the time i feel tired and sleepy.
had runny nose too, not really very sick yet.
i was careful in not eating anything too spicy or too much heaty food.
drank lots of water too.
all efforts in hoping i would feel perfect tmrw for the friendly.

never had a friendly match in floorball before so i'm quite excited.
got some tips from my senior jaslin too.
she says we could beat them with speed and play fast passes.
a lot of other really insightful tips.

alright, gtg sleep.
good night and bye.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

going to post a short one before sleeping.

didn't do much tday.
as usual it rained in the afternoon.
never played any ball.
just spent some time doing a bit of gp hw.
i thought the questions were a bit hard to think about,
i didn't really get what they were saying.
must be too long never think about deep stuff alr,
my comprehension skills deprove ._.
actually i didn't comprehend much in the hols.
just sat dwn and playing computer games don't even need to think,
just click, click, click.

yeah, Cavaliers win LA Lakers.
woo LeBron James lol.
and Birmingham drew Chelsea.
this means a chance for Arsenal to catch up.

anw, gtg.
really tired, nights.

Friday, December 25, 2009


tday's Christmas!
Merry Christmas to your reading this.

ytd celebrated Christmas at my uncle's hosue.
a lot of food on the table.
turkey, lamb, sushi, chicken wings, beehoon, and so on.
i liked the durian puff, hehe. haven't ate durian in a long time.
i'm wondering why we eat turkey at Christmas dinners.
but anw, turkey meat dipped in sauce, cranberry i think, is really nice.

tday, went arnd shopping with my family.
went to a warehouse sale, selling converse stuff.
lol, didn't buy anything though, there were loads of people and the queue was very long.
went to chinatown to eat dinner.
then went jp walk arnd.
oh yeah, i saw new converse bags at the converse shop.
i think converse has new bag designs every few months or smt.
lol, actually all shops also have new stuff coming in time after time.

not long left before school reopens.
eh, quite long actually, i forgot we had 1 week extra.
lol, but anw, i think it's time for me to do something abt my gp homework.
luckily yujun agreed to send me some of his gp homework to see.
wah, must find 10 articles lol.
that's quite difficult.

next year will mark the start of a new phase in secondary life.
i remember mr tan swee long saying year 5 and 6 will be quite difficult, cannot slack anymore.
that scares me lol.
less playing com games, less playing ball for me i think.
more books definitely.
lol, pls don't be too stressed aft reading this.
at least still have some time now to relax hehe.

alright, gtg.
take care and good night.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


it's Christmas eve tday,
merry Christmas to you.

tday, i had a bad start to a good day.
actually i just started tday.
i slept for like 13 hours plus.
ytd i slept at 12 am, tday i woke up at 1 pm.
and my eyes still can't really open fully, lol.
my back is still aching too.

ytd, i went to play ball at boon lay.
with bryce, wenxuan, junming, jiahao and weihao.
it was raining, stop, raining, stop.
passing showers lol.
but soon it really stopped raining, so we could play ball.
played with pubs too.
my back and legs were aching ytd aft that lol.

aft that we went to eat at jp.
ate subway and we were sitting at the table most outside to the walkway.
so as i ate, i just looked at the ppl passing by.
spotted yx and some basketballers.
then afterwards, wx was like saying 'do you remember what you were doing this time last year?'
i answered 'certainly not what i'm doing now.'
then i remembered how i spent my new year last year.
i was playing dota with bryce and some other friends, and we all paused the game when the countdown started.
not a very special way to start a new year i must say.
i hope i start this year doing smt else, lol.

later i'm going to my uncle's house to celebrate Christmas.
loads of food to eat, hehe.
looking forward to that.

oh, ytd i saw the school for the first time too.
wah the field was nice and big.
the hall also.

alright gtg alr, bye.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i've finally decided to post tday.
just had a shower, ate my dinner.
i'm feeling in a pretty good mood to blog hehe.

i haven't been blogging for a really long time.
and i haven't started on that GP homework yet.
there's so much on the web to do, to play, to watch.
basically i've just been doing anything that i could to past my time.
and there's so much i want to blog abt,
but didn't want to do any typing lol.
its the holidays manzxc, i'm taking a break from the school me,
which is why i can do whatever i want wee~
for now, i guess. for about 2 weeks more.

well, i'm not going to say i haven't done much in the hols again.
its the hols,
so i guess the time i spend playing computer games is not really wasted.
i have fun, or at least try to.
going out with friends are another privilege that i think i really enjoyed in the hols.
going out late in the night during weekdays, who could say no to that?
in the hols, when i go out with my friends, we don't discuss about school work at all.
we go out together and truly enjoy each other's company lol,
no need to worry abt homework or datelines at all.
its just that little difference which i think makes it special, somehow.

did i get anything out of this hols?
i think so, i got a lot of sleep back lols.
oh and i got a guitar hehe.
my first guitar!
excited much,
i bought an acoustic one, my dad and i picked it out at bras besah complex.
together with tuner and cover for the guitar.
i've also started learning on the web alr,
lol, the chords and scales,
some chords are really simple to press, whereas other chords are really difficult to get correct.
the simple ones i think is the G major and E minor.
especially E minor, the strings thick and nice to press.
others like C major and F major the index finger press on the thin strings quite pain.
but the guide said more practise will make fingers stronger so it won't hurt next time lol.
there's so much to learn still, hehe.

alright, got so carried away abt the guitar that i blogged so much abt it ._.
anyway, arsenal are now third in the league with one game in hand.
man u and chelsea are going down hehe, hopefully i can see arsenal lift the trophy again.

ytd went to wenxuan's house.
to learn guitar from pengfei one supposedly.
but in the end we watched tv, ate peanuts and played cards.
total slack session lol,
pengu the badass penguin keep having daidee not fair sia,
but he lost a game with 3 dees so it's okay in the end.

lol i've got a draft unfinished about the malaysia trip but i'm lazy to finish it.
i'm starting to worry about the unfinished gp homework.
lol, sorry i take the word 'unfinished' back.
its 'undone' or rather, 'untouched'.
ee i dont want that to worry abt that yet.
that familiar worry.
always worrying abt school work, deadlines, tests, exams.
maybe i'll start tmrw. lol.

arr, tday was the school posting day for p6.
my sis coming to rv next year, lol.
she's going to registration tmrw at new campus.
i haven't been there yet though, maybe i'll go take a look tmrw.

gtg, gd night.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

woo late at night now,
last post before going off to malaysia.

youxiang, yujun and pengfei came back from gpp tday.
yujun said they bought something for us.

hehe, tday's primary school class reunion was fun.
really can see how different everyone became.
haha, i wouldn't have imagined us growing up to look this way when i was in primary school.
yet, there is something familiar about my friends when i'm around them.
there's a part of them which remind me of who they were last time.
its just a feeling, like i can still remember how daniel likes soccer.
the different characteristics different people have, that reminds me of who they really were in the past.
it's a very special connection friends have between each other.
a very magical link, a precious friendship.
i wonder if i'll feel the same way about my secondary school friends time from now.
maybe when that day comes,
i'll realize that i will, hopefully.

we went to the cathay to eat initially.
at ashton's, but there was no space for all of us.
so we went to pomo to eat jap food.
haha ate omelette rice, the omelette was really big enough to wrap the rice inside it.
i was wondering how many eggs were used.
then we went to play pool.
hehe, i really like playing pool,
its pure enjoyment.

walked arnd orchard or at least near the istana park.
the stretch of road leading to plaza sing.
there was chirstmas decor all over the lamps and trees like usual.
this year's decor featured light sticks hanging on trees.
lol, not the normal light sticks,
but those that had silver coloured light flowing down it.
argh, i'm not really good at describing it.
i think from far it looks as though it is snowing,
but when i was under the lights there's just nothing special i could feel about them.
its like, they're just sticks lighting the trees.
went home aft that.
reach home rly late too, 11.40.

wah, it's really late now.
1:27 AM.
that leaves me just a couple of hours to sleep,
before i wake up to wash up and get ready for a long ride.
7 hours in fact, seated in the car just looking out of the windows.
actually its not that bad, it can be really exciting also.
its not like everyday i get to look at the same scene throughout the journey.
actually quite familiar with the route alr,
but still nonetheless curious abt what we pass by along the way.

hee i rmbr the drive to genting.
that was one of the more vivid experiences i had in the front seat.
as in the side front seat, not the driver's seat.
along the way can see clouds haha.
but the roads really curvy at times.

staying up to these times make me hungry.
lol, but i'm lazy to brush teeth aft eating smt.
anw, gtg alr.
tsk, i should be playing ball with yujun they all tmrw.
long time nvr play with them alr.
but cannot lorr, sad for me.
alright, good nights.


Thursday, December 03, 2009


been staying at home so long these days.
i miss playing sports outdoors,
i miss running around for whatever ball we're playing,
i miss perspiring all over after floorball training,
and i guess i miss going home together with my friends.

today had been a standard day of the hols.
nothing much going on.
it was the same story ytd.
but tues was a little diff.
my mother, sister and i went to sakae sushi at lot one.
hehe, initially i thought we 3 sure cannot eat a lot,
but we did eat our money's worth i think haha.
i skipped dinner aft that lol.

havent been sleeping very well these days.
sleeping very late, waking very late too.
i just can't sleep when i'm in bed.
thinking about things that scare me, and other things as well.
without school, my mind is so empty, it cant rest.
haha, i think i need to do more stuff to occupy my mind.

oh yeah, going off to malaysia this weekend.
i think either friday night or saturday morning.
going by car to kuantan as usual,
to visit my maternal relatives.
maternal = my mother's side, right.
hee can see my cousins and my grandmother,
my aunts, uncles.
as well as eat lots of food, lol.

i'm going for a primary school reunion tmrw too.
haha, the graduating class.
tunren and rebecca are going too i think.
hope to do some catching up with them.
lol, i used my grammar right i hope.

ohoh, and if you know where to buy guitars for a reasonable price and quality
tell me pls.
haha, wenxuan, junming and i want to learn how to play the guitar.
learning tgt i think.

alright, gtg alr.
take care and bye.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

haven't posted in a while,
actually i quite lazy to post these few days.

tday spent my day going out with family,
walking arnd shopping and eating.
not much special happening these days.

ytd, yy asked me to play ball at cck.
yongyu, yunrong, qizhang, zilie and i went cck to play basketball.
played match with pubs.
lol, the court is indoor so it didn't matter if its raining.
the people there are good players,
there was this uncle who looked quite old at first sight,
but he played well.

halfway through the hols alr.
zoom zoom.
how time flies.

no more floorball training for one or two weeks,
as the school is moving.
no place to train together.
there's a direct bus i can take from cck mrt to the new school, bus 172.
but looks like many many stops for the direct bus journey.

my younger sister is now choosing a secondary school.
her results much better than mine ._.
but the marks required to enter schools now also increase by a bit.
like rvhs cut of aggregate is now 256 i think,
instead of last time when i was coming in 251.
so i use that to defend myself that this increase in total psle marks is the factor my sis's score higher than mine, haha.
but my parents and her are opting for njc.
njc's cut off aggregate is 259.
and there's direct bus from cck mrt to njc also.
perhaps a better choice for her.

i found a floorball video i really like.
watch timeframe 0:23 to 0:28.
its really cool, i didn't know floorballs could curl.

alright, gtg now.
enjoy the holidays.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

posting a short one before going to sleep.

tday was really slack.
did nothing much,
just stayed at home and
eat, play, sleep, read.
i trying to find courses i can sign up for.
my father found some courses on computers,
haha, maybe can learn more about CPUs then i can assemble them myself.

oh yeah thinking of changing my com,
the processor is a little outdated aft i asked zhicheng, a friend of szefan.
lol, he is a computer enthusiast, knows a lot about computer.
my pc can't load games like cod or l4d.
hope to change com soon.
if i have another pc, then i don't have to share with my sis anymore.
yay, heh heh.

anw, i'm thinking of learning how to play the guitar.
haha, pengfei says it is very tough, that his fingers suffer when first learning how to play.
but learning a musical instrument, sure very fun one.
maybe learning to play the guitar can occupy me during my free time.
actually thinking about it,
there is so much courses out there,
so much to do and learn about.
like cooking, arts & craft, soccer.
all those courses look fun, but then very hard to make a start leh.
i'm very lazy to take any initiative to go find out more.

i remember that tmrw is the qingdao gpp.
lol, pf, yujun and yx going until 15 dec.
that's a long time.
anw, take care and have fun.

tmrw's going to be an exciting day,
i hope.
floorball coach says she try arrange friendly for us, hehe.
woo, friendly match dk against who,
but i think sure very fun one. lol.
how boring can matches get hehe.
i look forward to playing matches every floorball training.
coach always leaves the last 30 minutes of training for matches.
she arranges us to play games among ourselves.
haha, that has always been my highlight for floorball training.

alright, gtg.
plenty of holiday time left to spend and have fun,
so have fun and stay happy :D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

i found more floorball videos haha.
post them here so i can find them easily :D

alright, that's all.

i'm going for a family gathering later,
thought i'd post before going.

tday's weather is a bit like ytd.
there are grey clouds, but its not totally dark.
the sun's sunshine still illuminates the brims of the clouds.
i like this type of weather,
its not too hot, no sun blazing through the clouds.
its not too cold or wet, no lightning or rain.
but cloudy weather always turn into rainy ones,
its just a matter of time before it rains.

it rained ytd,
just as i was walking from je mrt to the basketball court.
the rain started and stopped, started again then stopped.
lol in the end only bryce, yujun, zhenqin, junmin and i went to play ball.
never really played ball on the court, it was so wet and slippery.
hence, we went to yujun's house,
to play monopoly.
heh heh, fun game when there are many players.
more people more fun.
lol, i realized in monopoly you just have to buy property in early game,
then late game its depend on luck one.
haha, we collected all the taxes we pay to the bank at the middle of the board,
and decided whoever step on free parking will get them.
hee i got them 2 times.
the first time saved my life, because i only had one 1000 left.
then the pool of money had like 7k lol.
the second time the pool had 20k. haha.

just wondering, is life a bit like monopoly?
early stages of life, we're supposed to learn as much as we can.
then later, we just enjoy the paybacks, 'the rents' etc.
tsk, but when i think further,
maybe life is more than that.
some things we learn on our way and we use them when the need arises.
we don't always have to learn smt when we're young,
and enjoy its 'benefits' when we get older.
haha, after all this deliberation,
my point is that we shld never stop learning even when we age.
even in the late game of monopoly when all the property is bought from the bank,
we as players still can trade them right lol.
lol, nvm if you don't get this, i don't get it either.
i like moving my fingers to write some confusing stuff.

oh, i just remembered that we're going to have floorball friendly match next wed i think.
yay, going to be fun fun fun, although i don't know who we're playing against.
yaya, there's this video showcasing this awesome guy with his floorball skills.
let me upload it here.

cool right, haha.
it's freaking amazing because when i cant even try and mimic his moves ._.
its so fast lol.

anw, gtg.
goodbye and take care.

Friday, November 20, 2009

long time no post.

yay had class chalet.
bbq was cool, ate a lot of hotdogs and crabsticks.
lol, we made some squid red wine thing, not bad.
we watched paranormal activity aft that.
lol, i watch alr quite scared aft that.
now feel a bit btr haha.

after that we went overnight cycling!
yay, that was the best part i think, most fun.
we cycled to changi park,
but no airplanes passing by that time.
so we cycled back chalet.
hehe, aft that some ppl had to go back school.
then when we were returning the bikes,
and the bicycle rental shop not open right.
i actually don't know how to cycle one,
but then i rode on a bicycle while we waited and i tried to ride it.
haha, i learnt how to ride the bicycle at last!
hee, actually its quite fun haha.

had training on wed.
played badly that day, didn't even have an attempt at goal.
but one very important takeaway from the coach,
was to learn to trust my teammates.
maybe she said that because i did too much defending when i'm suppose to be attacking.
still have a lot to learn about playing floorball.
this game really needs teamwork.
i'm spending some time each day to practise dribbling the ball.
hmm, is it called dribbling?
controlling the ball with the blade.
doing some push-ups too, i want to get gold for napha,
and qualify for the school floorball team!

hehe, i enjoy watching the peter chao videos on youtube.
the language used is strong, but the way he says smt is very funny.
haha, youtube 'peter chao' to watch.

aha 3 weeks of hols almost over!
besides saying it goes rly fast,
i have to say i haven't really started on anything.
i feel slack everyday, like i really have ntn to do at home.
spending long hours on the computer, sleeping when i feel like sleepy,
opening bags chips, munching chocalates when i feel hungry.
started reading jodi picoult's 'vanishing acts'.
i think it's a nice book, i'm going to finish reading it.

more training to look forward to next week.
and sunday there's a family gathering.
tmrw i'm hoping it wouldn't rain,
and we can play basketball like usual.
i'm also hoping to go out more often, catch up with my friends,
find out how they are now and what plans they have for the future.

alright, gtg.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

came to post on 4a chalet details.

here goes.
4a chalet,
16-17 nov 09. 2d1n, mon and tues.
at downtown east,
take 354 from pasir ris bus interchange i think.
we'll be meeting at jurong east mrt platform, 12.00 pm to buy food for bbq.
if not, we'll be meeting at downtown east, 2.30 pm.
call bryce, yujun or me for anything at all on the day.

oh, bring money for chalet $8 hee.
we having bbq on first day yay.
and shld be going night cycling?
haha if got any suggestions tell bryce, yujun or me.

gtg, cya there.

Friday, November 13, 2009

came back from badminton chalet ytd,
i came back early this time,
rly tired.

badminton chalet was fun,
like usual, its fun all the time.
clement and i went to the chalet at night aft floorball training.
the train ride to the chalet is always faster with a friend.
when i took it myself back home ytd, it felt really long and boring.
clement taught me how to solve a rubiks cube on the way too.
saw coach daryl in the chalet with the other badminton ppl.
the badminton boys wanted to play overnight lan,
but it was very ex so we stayed in the chalet and watched movies.
then many ppl slept aft that,
so brian, clement, yongjie, sebastian, yihao and i went to macdonalds to surf the net on sean's laptop.
oh yeah, sean came with sebby haha.
havent seen sean in a long time, he's still that funny haha.
but the laptop couldn't pick up any wireless network,
so we ate there, and then when we went back,
we watched saw4, lol.
in the morning, we all went lan at tampines.
it felt like we played there very long, but only 3+ hours.
then yy and yz went back 4h chalet, clement went 2g chalet, sebastian and sean went home and i went home too.
ate dinner and slept till tday 11am.

tday's friday alr.
that means its alr the second week of hols coming to an end.
i havent done much yet, only playing computer games and practising floorball.
the sky's getting rly dark now.
grey clouds overhead, going to rain heavy ltr i think.
4a chalet is on next monday, 16 nov.
hee, this time won't miss the bbq alr.

oh yeah i rmbr thursday before floorball training.
pengfei, wenxuan, junwei, and i went to szefan's house to play tennis.
tennis is fun, it's not just hitting the ball hard,
must control the strength also and run arnd the court.
we went lot 1 to eat lunch.
then went arcade play daytona.

anw, gtg.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's getting late again, i'll just make a short post.

tday marks the end of chinese exams,
hopefully i pass my o'level chinese exam.
yes, i feel much happier aft the exam.
feels like there's nothing to worry for the next 2 months,
and i can spend it doing things i enjoy doing.
go out with friends,
go for floorball training,
play computer games,
read more books,
watch more tv,
and learn something new by end of hols i hope.

tday i played ball with yujun and youxiang
while wenxuan waited for us to end, good friend lol.
lol, the courts were rather empty,
and it was quite boring playing among 3 ppl.
aft that we went to eat.
at clementi hawker centre.
yx recommend us the pig porridge,
haha rly quite nice, especially the thick slice of pig liver.
yum yumz.
went home and slept for long time,
because ytd i barely slept,
constantly awake in bed thinking about the chinese paper.
lol, i always like that one,
can't go to sleep if there's something big happening on the next day.
unless i play till v late like now, then i will immediately go to sleep once i'm on the bed.

woo tmrw's an exciting day.
fun-filled with loads of activities.
pengfei, wenxuan, junwei and i are going to sf's house to play tennis in the morning.
lol, i'm not v good at it, but sf and jw are,
nevertheless it's a fun sport to play teehee and i rly enjoy playing it the last time at jw house.
then in the afternoon have floorball training.
it's rly quite late lor, 4 to 6 pm.
then, there's badminton chalet lol.
i'll try to rush over for overnight lan aft training :D

okay, gtg alr.
stay happy and take care.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

it's getting late, so i'll just post a short bit.

haven't been doing much the past 2 days.
sleeping late and waking up late, and i feel tired all day.
read some chinese, notes about 作文。
lol thinking of o'level chinese makes me feel nervous again.
been playing dota a lot nowadays,
one day sure play twice one, ntn to do just on com and play dota.
no wonder so tired.
don't know if i made sufficient preparation for chinese paper on tues.
one more day! lol.
wa can feel a bit of the stress my friends taking o'levels feel.
lol one exam to determine 4 years of effort put in chinese,
or even more.
or maybe not so much.

first week of hols over arld.
hee quite fast huh.
went for one floorball training, one pt session.
played many matches of dota.
practised floorball at home for a while.
studied chinese, as in read those 范文,try to remember 格式。
played ball ytd haha.
that's always the best part of the week i think.
except maybe for floorball matches, but playing basketball on saturdays is fun.
it rained for a while ytd. but the court dried very quickly and we played till 7 plus, when the lights for the courts came on.
but after playing ball for so long, i feel super lethargic tday.
like in a state of drowsiness throughout the day.
like now. a bit dizzy. lols.

oh ya,
glad we managed to book a chalet for 4A, yay.
its 16-17 nov, at downtown east.
maybe i can post some other details about it nearer to the date.
hope everyone in 4A who is free on that day can come.

tsk, brain not working well alr.
gtg, bye.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

changed my blogskin,
i like this one very much.

it ahs been a really long time since i've last posted.
eoys, the celebration aft that and also the last day of school.
eoys went well, although it definitely could have been btr.
i've tried my best and i'm glad the eoys are over :D

i remembered yujun, youxiang, pengfei, wenxuan, bryce and i played basketball for a while aft the exam.
then we went to sakae.
it didn't feel like a very special eoeoy that time.
just the normal feeling of end of exams, not like the excitement i've got in the previous eoeoys.
i don't know why either.
anw, since then, our mt tchr concentrated more on chinese in the previous weeks.
thinking about the o'level chinese makes me nervous.
chinese isn't a subject that can be studied in content, like most of the sciences.
that makes me feel a little unprepared, with less than a week to go.
i've been reading more chinese newspaper, lol actually reading the words.
last time i only read the title and the captions under the pictures and get the gist of the article.
like my tuition tchr, 夏老师 said: 华文就只读到这里。
that's true because aft o'level mtl there would be no more chinese lessons.
lol i dk what to feel actually, but speaking of chinese lessons,
i recall of the chinese lessons in priamry school and secondary 1 and 2.
the 习字 and 作文 。
and now the final grading of it all.
anw, jy all for this exam :D

the last day of school was somehow memorable and meaningful.
there was a retirement ceremony for mrs brenda law.
i must say under her teaching i've developed interest in the english language.
and my grades improved too :D
thank you mrs law.
our math and form teacher were also leaving the school.
mrs tan swee leong and ms tan hui zhen.
not retiring but moving on to their future endeavours.
lol, i'm not sure if i've phrased it properly, but anw,
we had a small party for them.
went shopping the day before to buy coffee beans for ms tan,
and a fortune cat for mr tan.
hehe learnt quite a lot about coffee beans while we shopped for it.
and the smell of coffee beans ungrounded, aromatic. lol.
yifan and our classmates also made dedication boards to the 3 teachers.
i thought it looked very nice :D
anw, at the party we ate cake and chips and took photos,
and of course, we sincerely thanked our teachers for their effort.
i hope we'll always remember each other in 4A for time to come.
we'll still be seeing each other in school for 2 years right.
aft that, ethel, pearlyn, pf, huishan, wx, austin and i went to watch jennifer's body.
lol, rly watch jennifer's body only.
we met our other classmates there, in the same cinema somemore. lol.
it was an okok movie. horror, so it had the normal scary scenes.
i mean those that were quite scary to watch, for eg,
A hears a knock on door, she goes to open it but sees noone there.
puzzled, she goes back in and i was expecting to see B, megan fox there.
but no, there's noone in the house.
she checks all the rooms and goes back in the kitchen where she came from,
then she sees megan, covered in blood and smiling.
the whole time the freaky type of music was playing.
without the music it wouldn't have been that scary i think.
but still megan fox looked nevertheless pretty when she was still normal as a cheerleader. lol.
aft the movie bryce, junming and youxiang came to join us while the girls went home so we ate dinner at vivo.
lol talked a lot while playing truth or truth, because we were too lazy and tired to do any dares,
and we'd rather listen to one another's secrets aft dinner. haha.

so the holidays started and i was spending more time with my computer :D
more of playing games, yujun lent me his call of duty 4 and muxin lent me his l4d.
both which i found to be unrunnable in my cpu because of the requirements.
lol this means it's time to change my cpu, or i could upgrade parts of the cpu which would be quite tricky cause i've learnt little about fixing my own cpu.
heh the cpu i'm using now is assmebled my cousin while i attached the wires myself, yay.
lol anw, i could run the games on my laptop haha.
cod4 was rly fun, but the campaign mode was rly quick. but i like the storyline hehe.
l4d is a great game i've heard, but when i tried it out in the middle of the night in singleplayer mode, i decided that it wasn't a great time to play this game, shooting zombies and listening to that rly freaky music. lol.
i think it would be btr to play it in multiplayer mode with friends.
now there's so much games on pc coming out.
l4d 2, cod 5 and 6, battlefield 3(game of the yr edition) i think.
and fifa 10! lol.
it must have been more than 4 years since i bought my first fifa disk, fifa06.
but i still play it sometimes when i've ntn to do. haha.

heh, since the start of eoys i was thinking of what to do aft the eoys.
i thought of playing floorball at home, learning from videos and trying out new things with my stick.
and now aft the eoys, i'm too lazy to pick up my stick and practise it at home.
there's v little space at home to play floorball anw, only enough to practise some tricks.
heh at least there's training once a week and we get to play games among ourselves every training.
floorball is a fun sport and i would have missed so much fun if i didn't choose floorball as a cca.
actually i didn't know there was a sport called floorball in the first place haha.
i bet theres more sports out there that i don't know of which would be just as fun too.

oh, theres also subject combi selection.
i think i'm going to take Physics, Chemistry, Math and Economics.
lol i had some doubts for my contrasting subject initially,
i thought elit would be a btr contrasting subject.
lol especially when mr keith prince said, "all my science students scored A for e lit."
but eventually i think econs would allow me to understand more abt the economy,
lol duh, so i'll give it a try.
ar that's why i don't like making choices.
both are equally good subjects, even geog is a good subject to study.
but, still have to pick one in the end and stick with it for the next 2 years.
looking back at the choice i made in year 2 for subject combi,
i have never regretted taking triple science.
i hope i wouldn't regret making this choice now.

anw, it's time for lunch alr.
lol, i spent a long time blogging.
enjoy your holidays.
2 months + 2 weeks, loads of things that can be done.

Monday, August 31, 2009


tday is teachers' day celebrations,
so happy teachers' day to all teachers hee.

it was a half-day tday,
we played some games and watched some performances
i thought the performances were nice,
but we were seated directly in front of the speakers,
so the sound was blaring at us,
almost half-deaf after each band performance.
i enjoyed the 'nobody' performance the best.
besides the pretty girls,
their singing was nice and it was funny when they danced.
we found out that if we cover our ears with our hands,
the band performance sounded better,
because it wasn't as loud as it was.
but cover ears cannot hear the electric guitar playing heh.

after school i was supposed to go back primary school with sebby, rebecca and gloria.
but i didn't go in the end, played basketball instead.
went to give teachers' day present to the 4A teachers.
yujun and jun ming bought mini-candy machines for the teachers in behalf of the class.
hehe, we tried to trick ms lee of her present.
heh but since she's such our lovely bio teacher, we gave her the present in the end.

played ball only for a while aft school.
it started to rain very heavy for a while.
i went lot 1 eat at the food court.
the choices there a lot heh,
more than last time when it was renovated yet.

oh, had much fun in the weekend.
my family went to aloha resort for a family chalet.
as in extended family so all my relatives went too.
the place we lived in was huge, lol.
we had bbq on saturday evening.
yay, food right, my favourite.
ate a lot again.
i think i'm a glutton alr, always see food can't stop eating.
on the second day, i just slacked arnd and played with bubbles.
tried to make those huge bubbles and watched them float arnd in the air and pop.

tmrw is a school holiday.
yay, at least can slack a while first before doing revision papers.

alright, gtg.


Monday, August 24, 2009


the 'save' button didn't work for blogger.
which means the draft i blogged just now didn't save at all.

i'm on my com blogging,
which means either i've decided to forgo my homework,
or i've finished all the work i'm supposed to do before the exams.
(which is quite impossible)

sigh i don't know what's wrong with me,
i've decided to leave a stack of undone homework,
come online and play dota with my friends.
and we didn't even finish a game.
but that was okay.
the not okay part is the part where i decide to come online and play.

tday wasn't as promising as it promised to be.
arr no PE, and i was hoping it wouldn't rain.
it didn't, the sun was shining nicely in the morning.
we had to stay in class for the whole PE lesson.
i was tired after recess, don't know why tired so easily.
but i managed to survive on the sandwich i asked yujun who asked ethel to buy.
hee thanks ethel or else we confirm end up digesting ourselves at the back of the class.
and i drank lots of water.
i remember my former la teacher, ms teo, telling us that dirnking water helps to keep the mind awake.
must drink a lot then got use.
but then towards the 2nd last period i ran out of water
and was too lazy to refill so i just closed my mind and stare at the table,
hoping the teacher won't call me to answer any questions.

i was looking forward to eating lunch after school with my classmates.
we went to commonwealth to eat at koufu.
hehe ate a lot of food.
we bought ourselves a bowl of noodles each.
then we ordered wu3 xiang1 to share.
those assorted snacks, hee it was wenxuan's first time eating so can ask wx how it tasted like.
i liked the prawn cracker with flour the best.
after that we shared ice kachang.
nice feeling to eat with friends.

didn't take a nap tday afternoon at all.
i thought i was going to , and i really wanted to,
but i end up finishing bio notes.
the questions on genetics quite weird so i gave them a try.
after dinner i began doing my math.
but i got stuck at vectors.
i look at my answer,
then i turned the page and looked at the correct answer,
and i decided that i needed help ._.
re-thinking maths doesn't help much i've realised.
i think looking for another approach is a better option.
that's for math and is solely what i think that works.
i'm no pro at maths anw compared to a lot of other people.

abt my cca, i've thought about it.
and i haven't reached a conclusion yet.
i can't just choose one cca because floorball and soccer are 2 very different things.
looks like i've to give it more thought.
which doesn't always help.
thinking about things you can't decide make you feel worse than you already feel.

alright, gtg.
good night.

the unique one

Wong Song Wei

16 years old, 14-01-93
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